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The art of not being busy, being busy seems to be fundamental to how I achieve success for my clients and me professionally and personally. I'd rather work within the framework that worthy goals, need to be well defined and realistic. Then, let's see what works best to achieve these goals; not what is the most trendy and popular marketing strategy or tactic.

After earning a diploma in advertising from Humber College in the 80's I went on to a career in advertising media sales and then onto marketing consulting where I worked alongside companies such as Best Western Hotels, Granite Homes, furniture companies, charities, technology companies, financial organizations, and health & wellness.

Eventually, I found technology and B2B marketing and truly took on the world as I helped take innovative technology across North America, Europe, and Asia and when my work there was done, I took on agriculture where tradition and technology merged.

I am committed to growing personally and professionally; graduating from McMaster University in 2017 with a specialization in Digital Marketing and am currently working on a B. Comm degree to support my goals for the future and my clients'.

I have found that some truths are timeless and universal, regardless of industry - if there is a need, then let's satisfy it and if there is a story, let's tell it so people will respond.


"Intelligence is the ability to change"

- Albert Einstein